Signal 8 Press is an independent publisher founded in Hong Kong. When we started out, we focused primarily on the Asia-Pacific region, with a particular interest in books that reflected an East-meets-West sensibility. Although Asia remains our top publishing priority, we have continued to branch out over the years; and we are now releasing books in several categories (please refer to our submission guidelines for more details):
• The Middle East
• Literary fiction (not region-specific)
• Spirituality and well-being
• Travel writing and memoir (Asia as well as other parts of the world)
• Speculative fiction: horror, sci-fi, suspense, thrillers, dystopia
• LGBT-interest fiction and nonfiction


Generally speaking, we’re interested in publishing the books that we like reading (and the ones we think will sell). We run our press with a commitment to integrity: we do our best with details such as the design of the books and the editorial process, we get things done when we say we will (more or less), and we pay royalties on time (as day-job schedules permit) and in full. We also reply to our emails and try very hard not to leave authors hanging. Do you have a manuscript that you think would be a good fit? Or are you just looking for something interesting to read? If so, you might just be in the right place!

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Years of Experience

This City is a Minefield

Synopsis: This City is a Minefield is a collection of reflective memoir and personal essays told from a genuine and unique voice about growing up and coming of age as a young gay Chinese man in Vancouver. Thoughtful and honest, the stories and essays recounted are...

Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers: True Stories from Queer Asia Edited by Carmen Ho and Gregg Schroeder Family, love, friendship, acceptance—none of these pillars of happiness are certainties for LGBTQ+ people. Yet, despite social and legal conventions, the fifteen writers collected...


Sanctuary: Short Fiction from Queer Asia Edited by Libay Linsangan Cantor and Ng Yi-Sheng Gathered in this book are nineteen tales of queer lives in Asia: stories of humour and heartbreak; magic and murder; love, lust and living happily ever after. Meet an altar boy...


Synopsis: Sometimes what is remembered is best forgotten. This is the feeling that permeates Insignificance. The protagonists in these stories cannot help but recall their former Hong Kong existence, one that shimmers with beauty and pain. On September 26, 2014, the...

Heaven on Earth

Synopsis: The year: sometime in the 2090s. The location: Jordan. Aging is reversible thanks to major advances in bioscience and nanotechnology. But in a world where eternal youth has become a reality, complications arise. Journalist Janna Abdallah is at the forefront...

Rural Liberties

Synopsis: Moralla, a fading seaside town on the ‘beautifully uncivilised’ Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, has won Australia’s Tidy Towns award for two years running. Now Rebecca Moore—the most beautiful, talented girl in town—is dead and there’s nothing tidy about...

A Garden Fed by Lightning

Synopsis: Marshall Moore’s short fiction is propelled by a scathing wit and a dark imagination, and he does not shy away from taking readers down roads that are less traveled and rarely even mapped. In the title story, a con man cons a beguiling con artist… or does...

The 100-Pound Gangster

Synopsis: Henry Lin spent most of his precocious youth involved with the international criminal underworld. By the age of fourteen, he was involved with a notorious San Francisco triad with links to Hong Kong and mainland China, and by the age of eighteen, he had...

The Last Gods of Indochine

Synopsis: Jacquie Mouhot and Paaku the Lotus-Born are divided by six centuries but linked by a common curse. In medieval Cambodia, Paaku is an orphan whose community believes he may be a reluctant incarnation of a god, causing sectarian turmoil for the kingdom's...

The Bride of Amman

Synopsis: The Bride of Amman, a huge and controversial bestseller when first published in Arabic, takes a sharp-eyed look at the intersecting lives of four women and one gay man in Jordan’s historic capital, Amman—a city deeply imbued with its nation’s traditions and...


Synopsis: Soobin Shin is an aspiring young woman in a near-future version of Seoul. Ever since her college graduation, she has struggled to escape from her dead-end job in a doughnut chain. Her twin sister Hyewon is one of Korea’s most recognizable models, but Soobin...

The Worst Motorcycle in Laos: Rough Travels in Asia

Synopsis: In The Worst Motorcycle in Laos: Rough Travels in Asia, author Chris Tharp recounts his misadventures in countries across the region he’s called home for the last ten years. He takes us to the back-alley restaurants of Vietnam on a quest to eat cobra; to the...

The Prism of Life

The Prism of Life contains passages channeled directly through the Akashic Records, to help you find your purpose in life.

Summer of the Long Knives

Synopsis After an attack by a band of roving Nazi Brownshirts, Lisel Ganz, an artist’s model in Berlin, suffers brain damage that gives her psychic powers. Taking refuge in the home of artist Albert Entrater, Lisel meets Konrad, a Catholic priest secretly involved in...

The Memory of a Face

A novel about loving and letting go Note: This book is available in English and Chinese. Synopsis 本書簡介 What is love? Is it the craving to be with him or is it the realization that you should let him go? Is it about telling him how he makes you feel or is it about...

Always Forever

From the depths of sorrow begins a journey of hope. 從悲傷深淵出發,展開希望之旅。   Note: This book is available in English and Chinese. Synopsis 本書簡介 The dream of a life together is shattered when AD finds himself attending Mikee's funeral. He is overcome with grief. But Mikee's...

Speaking in Forked Tongues

Synopsis Bren Barran is a normal guy in most ways. All he really wants is a sweet girlfriend and enough time and money to play videogames, but his job keeps getting in the way. After all, opening trans-dimensional gates to hell and summoning demons for money isn’t the...

How Does One Dress to Buy Dragonfruit?

Synopsis In this collection, twenty-six women reveal the truth about expatriate life in modern East Asia through original works of memoir and creative non-fiction. Their experiences are varied and unique, demonstrating that expat women's lives go far beyond the...


It’s 1997 and three very different expatriate Britons are living and working in Hong Kong. Sally, a sophisticated, thirty-something magazine editor, finds her life plagued by a ruthless bully. Tess, an idealistic young graduate, embarks on an unlikely office romance. And Rob, the most recently arrived of the three, is haunted by an enigmatic ex-lover. As the date of the Handover draws closer, and each of the three falls further under the spell of their adopted city, their lives criss-cross and start spinning out of control.

Tomorrow City

After an armored car robbery goes horribly wrong and leaves four people dead, young ex-con Brendan Lavin flees New York City and attempts to start over again in Shanghai.

Bitter Orange

Seth Harrington can be invisible or undetectable, but he is not a superhero. The ability only works in morally grey situations; the rest of the time, he can’t turn it on and off at will.

Never Turn Away

Never Turn Away is a collection of Marshall Moore’s work from the 10 years since his debut novel The Concrete Sky was published. Included are excerpts from that book and his second novel An Ideal for Living, short stories from the collections Black Shapes in a Darkened Room and The Infernal Republic, and the first chapter of his forthcoming novel Bitter Orange.

Chronology of an Egg

Chronology of an Egg is a mini-collection containing five short stories — two from Watering Heaven (“Gradients” and the title story) and three others.

Watering Heaven

What would you do if you found out your girlfriend laid an egg every time she had sex? Who would you be if you were invited to a party in Beijing but had to make up a brand-new identity for six weeks?

When the de la Cruz Family Danced

During his one and only return visit to the Philippines, Johnny de la Cruz—plagued by a sense of isolation—succumbs to a quick sexual encounter with an old flame, the attractive and beguiling Bunny Piña.

River Dragon Sky

A novel of people far from home and far from the selves of their origins, River Dragon Sky is the story of Junping, a Taoist street seer turned arsonist, Zhuan He, the girl he is sure is the daughter he abandoned years earlier, and Kal, an American who seems to have traveled to China for girls and kung fu.

The Infernal Republic

A lonely demon in a remote corner of Hell oversees a divine but rigged typing contest. A sentient house in San Francisco decides to become vacant once again… by any means necessary.