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The story of Neill Cullane, a closeted, conflicted 21 year-old that lives in two worlds that seem light-years apart, but that he travels between in a beaten-up VW car. At home, he’s the dutiful son of Frank and Grace, and devoted brother to Peter, whose battle with a cruel, disfiguring cancer pulls the Cullane family together, however reluctantly. But in the shadows of the San Francisco underworld, Neill finds release with his secret lover Vince Malone, a beautiful junkie/philosopher/thief whose burning desire for truth lights the path Neill always knew he’d travel. Through Vince, Neil learns about honesty and love and finds the courage to confront his family in the face of tragedy and loss.

Price: USD 5.99, HKD 46.99

Author/Editor: Trebor Healey

Publisher: BookCyclone

ISBN: 978-988-19895-7-4