Bookstores and libraries can order Signal 8 Press titles directly from Ingram US, UK, or Australia. The books are offered to the trade at a standard trade discount. However, they are generally non-returnable. We use print-on-demand technology to produce physical copies of our books, which enables us to avoid the hassle, waste, and financial risk associated with traditional printing. We don’t have books sitting in a warehouse somewhere, nor do we want to use that business model. If you are an event planner with a literary event, please be mindful of our no-returns policy and contact us so that we can discuss suitable arrangements.


Yes, we can do that too. If you are a bookstore who would like to deal with us directly, we can process direct orders:

  • minimum 10 copies
  • non-returnable
  • 50% discount

Depending on your location and the size of your order, we may also be able to cover shipping.

Please note that the returns issue is not negotiable. We are physically located in Hong Kong and cannot absorb the cost of other people’s optimism.


If you want an alternative to the big e-retailers, we are happy to fulfill direct orders from customers anywhere in the world. We will calculate the price and the shipping and issue an invoice via PayPal. After that, it’s quite simple for us to have a book dispatched. Books destined for the Americas will ship from the US; Australia and New Zealand, from Australia; and the rest of the world from the UK. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out the currency conversion for you! E-books are emailed as attachments in the specified format(s).

If you’d like to purchase an e-book directly from us, we can send it to you via email. Our titles are all available in Kindle, ePub, and PDF format. Let us know which version you would like; we’ll invoice you and send it once payment has been received.


We will be happy to provide a desk copy to any educator interested in teaching a Signal 8 Press title in your class.

INTERESTED? Just email us: hello [at] signal8press [dot] com