Effective December 1, 2021, we are open to submissions. We’re still very interested in books about Asia, the Middle East, and stories from those regions’ diasporas. We’re especially interested in nonfiction (we love essays), memoir (having had some experience with trauma, we’re here for your pain), anthologies (please query us with a proposal if you’d like to edit one), and thrilling speculative dark crime-y weird scary fiction. Everybody loves a good literary novel but sometimes they’re a hard sell (which isn’t to say we’d say no, just that we know the odds). We’re also open to short-story collections, but again, these can be a tough sell and we don’t publish very many of them. YA and cli-fi would be interesting, and we’re always happy to see work from and about the LGBTQ+ community.

What we’re not looking for: poetry, drama, picture books, cookbooks, children’s books, sexpat memoirs. We’re also not keen to replicate anything we’ve already published, so if you’ve written a great book about teaching English in Korea, we’ve kind of covered that already. And if you’ve written a scathing novel exposing the seedy underbelly of any city in Southeast Asia, please go away. If you’re not sure, please query us.

To submit:

  1. See the PayPal payment button? Like many small presses, we have instituted a submission fee to help compensate us for the time and effort it takes us to read manuscripts (we’re aware of the arguments against this practice and will suspend the fee at regular intervals to provide reasonable access). Outside of our open reading periods, our fee is a reasonable £15 (GBP), which seems to be the standard. (Some charge as much as £45, so we don’t think ours is too much.) If we end up accepting your book for publication, we will refund the fee in your first royalty check.
  2. Please note, after successful payment via the PayPal screen, you will be brought back to this page.
  3. Once you have made the payment, please email us your entire manuscript as an attachment. Send it to hello [at] signal8press [dot] com. (We are not going to email you if we receive a payment but no email.) In your cover email, make sure to include the date and the transaction number from PayPal.
  4. Manuscripts should be set up according to these specifications:
    • Microsoft Word documents (no PDFs, please)
    • 12-point standard font
    • 1.5 or double spacing
    • Margins of 1 inch on each side
    • Regular A4 or 8.5 x 11 size (no funky alterations to that, please)
    • Left justified, ragged right
    • Generally tidy and professional, but don’t go overboard. Title, name, email address, page numbers, and word count are enough. At this stage, we aren’t printing these documents out.
  5. Once we have your manuscript, we will reply and let you know.
  6. We will attempt to respond within six months. If you haven’t heard anything from us after that, please send a follow-up email. (People who query too soon do not improve their chances.)
  7. We are very unlikely to provide feedback if we have to pass on your book.

Thanks for your interest in publishing with us!