Intimate Strangers: True Stories from Queer Asia

Edited by Carmen Ho and Gregg Schroeder

Family, love, friendship, acceptance—none of these pillars of happiness are certainties for LGBTQ+ people. Yet, despite social and legal conventions, the fifteen writers collected here from eastern Asia and beyond have built lives of fulfilment and joy. Intimate Strangers showcases the nonfiction work of writers living life on their own authentic terms. By turns experimental, nostalgic, provocative, and poignant, these stories—bringing to life devoted daughters; boys coming of age; a transgender woman; and gay, queer, and bi parents—are unified not only by their excellence but also by the risks the writers take. Together they form a rich community of voices that reflects the diversity of LGBTQ+ life across the Asia – Pacific region today.

Aaron Chan * Jenna Collett * Nancy L. Conyers * Edward Gunawan * Huang Haisu * Hayley Katzen * Germaine Trittle P. Leonin * Krista V. Melgarejo * Colum Murphy * Ingvild Solvang * Ember Swift * Agatha Verdadero * Beatrice Wong * Simon Wu * Alistair Yong

Publication date: May 1, 2019
Print edition: 5″ x 8″ perfect bound trade paperback
Page count:  TBD
ISBN: 978-988-77949-4-3
Price (paper): US$19.95
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle, PDF
Word count: 58,000
eISBN: 978-988-77949-8-1
Price (e-book): US$9.99

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Intimate Strangers manages to be two rare things. It is a collection of unflinchingly honest, revelatory and intimate accounts of being LGBT in Asia, where such voices are often brutally silenced or, at best, subdued and ignored. It is also a showcase of creative English non-fiction from Asia.
— Enid Tsui, South China Morning Post.



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