E-book reprinted and distributed in partnership with the author.


Three gay men — friends and roommates in a stunning Art Deco mansion — have their lives tossed into turmoil when one of them is set upon by a gang of gay-bashing teens. When the other two roommates arrive, one basher is accidentally killed in the ensuing struggle. Afraid of going to the police, the roommates now have both a body and a big secret to hide — not an easy task when the pregnant girlfriend of the dead teen starts showing up at their house looking for her missing beau. Meanwhile the arrival of their handsome and naive houseboy has already upset the household’s dynamic, and their next-door neighbor turns out to have appetites of her own. When passions run riot in a house that hides too many secrets, it isn’t long before everyone’s had it up to pussy’s bow.

Price: USD 5.99, HKD 46.99

Author/Editor: Neal Drinnan

Publisher: BookCyclone

ISBN: 978-988-19895-0-5



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