Moralla, a fading seaside town on the ‘beautifully uncivilised’ Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, has won Australia’s Tidy Towns award for two years running. Now Rebecca Moore—the most beautiful, talented girl in town—is dead and there’s nothing tidy about it. It seems everyone in this sleepy hollow is breaking bad and something has to be done. Why was she on the Princes Highway at four a.m.? What could have lured her there and how will the town cope with the series of events set in motion by her shocking departure?
When the maverick foundation Rural Liberties sets up unconventional sexual retreats on Moralla’s fringes and TV’s longest-running reality show recruits the town’s number two beauty, the stage is set for one of the most diabolical and outrageous coups ever. If what happens in Moralla stays in Moralla, then what will the new arrivals bring and what will they leave behind?
Rebecca is watching from the wings as the town’s moral compass goes haywire and a bold new era of debauchery and enlightenment is set to begin.


Publication date: May 30, 2017
Print edition: 5″ x 8″ perfect bound trade paperback
Page count: 256
ISBN: 978-988-77948-0-6
Price (paper): US$19.95
Price (paper): AUD 29.95
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle
Word count: 79,000
eISBN: 978-988-77948-4-4
Price (e-book): US$9.99





Praise for Neal Drinnan:

“Drinnan’s writing seems so effortlessly sparkling and delicious that we are in danger of overlooking what an elegant master of prose he is. This book is witty, naughty and a real pleasure to read but it also has steely purpose. There’s a real bite here, and a sense of a talented writer at the top of his form.”
— Christos Tsiolkas, author of Loaded, Dead Europe, The Slap, Barracuda, Merciless Gods, The Jesus Man,  The Devil’s Playground

“Loved it! Loved the setting, the schlocky reality TV show, the orgies and the cast of thousands. A true skill is at work here. People will love this!”
— Belinda Castles, author of Falling Woman, The River Baptists, and Hannah and Emil

“Neal Drinnan’s wicked novel is a masterful mashup of TV pop culture, small town gossip, straight-boy sexual savagery, adult-relationship confusion–and, charmingly, a lonely queer lad’s hormonal lusts. Its satire is both seductive and perceptive, a delectable combination.”
— Richard Labonté, author of Best Gay Erotica 2005, First Person Queer, Best Gay Erotica 2009, The Future Is Queer, Second Person Queer, and I Like It Like That: True Tales of Gay Desire

“With Rural Liberties, Neal Drinnan is attempting a small-town mystery, though it doesn’t take long for him to springboard into a camp parody of pop culture, regional Australia, and everything in between.”
Cameroon Woodhead in The Age

Author Bio:

Neal Drinnan has worked in bookselling and publishing and for over thirty years. He received a Lambda Literary Award for Izzy & Eve in 2006. In recent years, Drinnan has replaced the urban chaos he once embraced so fervently for the relative peace of a tiny hamlet in the heart of Victoria’s Otway Ranges. There he has run a B&B and a local bookstore while getting back to grass roots and writing for Otway Life Magazine. His current work-in-progress, Dry Sherry Dreaming, is a memoir of growing up in Melbourne’s Dry Sherry Belt. It captures the charms and perversities of Melbourne’s aspirational classes in the 1960s and ‘70s. His most recent book is Rare Bird of Truth.







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