A father has his daughter’s crayon drawings tattooed all over his body so he can never lose sight of them. A commuter pretends to be Russian in an attempt to avoid being robbed. After a first date, a lovesick man plays it cooler than anybody ever has. The ex-husband of a lottery winner finds optimism in the numbers she chose. Two astronauts scour the solar system for a new home for mankind whilst pining for their exes. The world of Sorry Men is one of earnestness and desperation; fate and farce; hilarity and hopelessness. It absolutely will not restore your faith in men.

Publication date: March 26, 2024
Print edition: 5″ x 8″ perfect bound trade paperback
Page count: 120
ISBN: 978-1-915531-06-3
Price (paper): £14.99 and $17.95
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle, PDF
Word count: 24,000
eISBN: 978-1-915531-07-0
Price (e-book): US$7.99

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  • Sorry Men is a knowing and absurdist lark–a jolt of flash fiction that comes out jabbing and keeps jabbing as the sorry men found therein are not only sorry, but lacking–not nearly as smart as they might be, yet etched with honesty and empathy by Bird, an artist in miniature, and loving portraitist of the delusional.” — Ben Tanzer, author of The Missing, UPSTATE, Be Cool & Orphans.
  • “This compendium of words is like the Netflix series Black Mirror in that you don’t quite know what any given story is going for but you are happy they are short and happy that there are enough of them that you can bail out on any one, comfortable in the knowledge that there’s plenty left if you can’t sleep or get Black Mirror on Netflix.” — Doug Stanhope, comedian.
  • “Daniel Bird’s brief, but vivid, stories hit me like a literary Instagram feed, catapulting me to so many places so quickly, I needed a seat belt to stay anchored to my chair. Some stories disturbed me like a good Neil LaBute play, others left me gasping at the finish line at their O. Henry plot twist. What’s best, in Bird’s ‘Sorry’ world there’s a story for everyone: some are tender, some are humorous and some just a wee bit dangerous.” — Charlie Schroeder, author, Man of War.
  • “Bird’s sharp-witted satire quietly introduces us to a host of characters doing their best (or, quite frankly, not at times) to navigate a modern world that seems confusingly at odds to their hardwiring. This collection of short stories paints a hilarious portrait of modern society with moments of laugh out loud humour, savage irony and ‘head in hands’ frustration.” — Anna Passey, actress.
  • “Frustrating, farcical, futile, and very funny.” — Jason Wong, actor.
  • “A collection of funny little razorblades.” — Jason Tobin, actor.
  • “With Sorry Men, Bird has given us a collection of literary diamonds that masterfully explore the challenges of seeking human connection in the modern world. Highly Recommended!” — G. Riley Mills, Emmy Award-winning writer, The Lost Story of Emmett Till – Trial in the Delta.

Author bio:
Daniel Bird grew up in Dorset, England, where he never missed a day of his paper round. He studied Drama and Theatre Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham and a DipTESOL from Trinity College London. His work has appeared in Liars’ League Hong Kong; Litro; Reflex Press; Mono; Fragmented Voices, and Coffin Bell. He lives and works in Hong Kong.


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