Note: This book is available in English and Chinese.

Synopsis 本書簡介

What is the purpose of my life?
If you have begun asking this question, you are ready to embark on your spiritual journey; you are ready for your spiritual awakening. The Prism of Life contains passages channeled directly through the Akashic Records, to help you find your purpose in life.



Imprint: Signal 8 Press
Publication date: October 04, 2014
Print edition: 5 x 8 perfect bound trade paperback
Page count: 136
ISBN: 978-988-12197-4-9 (English) / 978-988-12197-8-7 (Chinese)
Price (paper): US$12.95 / HK$120
E-book formats: ePub, Kindle
Word count: 8,200 (English) / 11,600 (Chinese)
Price (e-book): US$2.99






    • “Ansh Das’s The Prism of Life is a stairway to the clouds of enlightenment by counselling the reader to embrace life wholesomely.”  – Khaled Talib, author of The Little Book of Muses.
    • “Ansh Das’s The Prism of Life is a joy to read. The beauty of his words, the wisdom, and the insight that speak to the soul are guaranteed to delight, inspire, and give cause for pause. Das has an amazing ability to hone in on the struggles and rewards that come with living a life. He brings meaning and hope to a world that is moving too fast, inviting time to ponder, and find peace and gratitude in our very existence. I highly recommend this book. You will read and reread it.” – Gale West, Akashic Records Teacher and Healer
    • Ansh Das 所著《生命的稜鏡》,如通往啟竅雲端的階梯,輔導讀者真誠擁抱生命。
      – 《The Little Book of Muses》作者Khaled Talib
  • Ansh Das 的《生命的稜鏡》令人愛不釋手。其言語的美麗,蘊藏的智慧及洞察力正呼喚著每一個靈魂,這書保證激勵及安撫心靈,兼能使人有所反思。他對人與生俱來的奮鬥和收獲獨具見解。他為這走得太快的世界注入意義和希望,引導我們反思生命、尋找平安及感恩。我強烈推薦這本書。你必會一讀再讀。
    – Gale West,阿卡西紀錄導師及治療師

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Author Bio

Ansh Das (better known as AD) is an IT nerd in the morning, an author by noon, an activist in the evening, and a healer by night. That sequence may change a few times in any direction during the course of the day. He is from India and lives in Hong Kong.


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